We are a not-for-profit organization that needs your support.  All our operating expenses are funded through government assistance, corporate sponsorship, community support and members like you.  

Your membership is important and helps us to:

  •  Preserve marine artifacts
  •  Maintain our buildings
  •  Hold community events
  •  Hold wooden boatbuilding courses
  •  Hold educational workshops & seminars
  •  Revitalize displays


  • Use of the Ways at posted rates.
  • Facilities Rentals, Members receive a 20% discount
  • Receive our bi-monthly 'Soundings' Newsletter
  • Access to our workshop. Project tables $10 per foot per month. Shop usage drop in $10 per hour or $20 per day.
  • Use of the Marine Library 
  • Moorage available at posted rates.

Individual Membership: $35 per annum
Family Membership: $50 per annum (2 adults and children under 16 living at home)

To open a membership application form click here.