"The Mission of the Cowichan Wooden Boat Society is to preserve for present and future generations the Maritime Heritage and Culture of Wooden Boats."


The Cowichan Wooden Boat Society has as its purposes:

(a)      Providing a facility and equipment for wooden boat building, restoration and maintenance;

(b)      Offering programs, workshops and training in boat building, restoration and maintenance;

(c)      Involving members and volunteers in the activities of the society;

(d)      Restoring and displaying wooden boats;

(e)      Increasing resident and visitor awareness and appreciation of our wooden boat heritage;

(f)       Creating interpretive and interactive displays that support our marine heritage;

(g)      Maintaining a Maritime Museum and Library;

(h)      Encouraging the participation of families and young people;

(i)       Fundraising to support the purposes of the CWBS;

(j)       Engaging in activities that support the continued work for the CWBS;

(k)      Participating in community functions, activities, initiatives and events.