Sharon McLeod - Office Manager

Sharon McLeod, was raised in Cowichan Bay and, after graduating from Simon Fraser University, worked for 12 years in the non-profit sector in Vancouver. She returned to Cowichan Bay in 2011 to raise her family. She is married with four children.

Sharon brings lots of energy and knowledge with her - a great asset for the Maritime Centre.

Mel Robinson - Facility Supervisor/Cradle Operator

Born and raised in the Cowichan Valley. Mel brings a good woodworking background with her as well as a passion to learn more in the boat building field.

You can find Mel at the reception desk booking your haul outs, courses and answering your calls, in the workshop cutting out boats for the children's boat building booth, as well as out on the ways alongside Tony bringing boats up for maintenance.

Tony Owen - Ways Operator/ Associate Executive Director / Outboard Motor Wizard

Tony and his wife Alma live on their converted fish boat, Lasqueti Fisher, in Cowichan Bay. Tony could not be called an "old salt," but he loves the sea and he loves wooden boats. Tony has gained the reputation as the man with magic fingers. He has engineered a renaissance in The British Seagull by expertly and diligently turning non-running motors into reliable outboards. If you hear a Seagull in Cowichan Bay be assured Tony's magic finger's have worked on it.

Of course Tony doesn't confine his expertise only to Seagulls. He has worked his magic on a variety of small outboards, either as repairs or renovations. The donations he's earned for the Centre result from his work on outboards.

Tony says: "I always had a fascination for boats and the water but that had to wait till retirement from 30 odd years behind a camera shooting commercial photography. Now I find the time to play boats with my dear wife Alma. Any good weather will find us slipped from the moorings and in the Gulf Islands.

Once I became a member of CBMC I wanted to find a volunteer niche. A pile of old non-running outboard motors in the basement of the Maritime Centre could not be ignored. One of my diversions in life had been to help my brother in his auto garage prepare race car engines. Applying my knowledge of race engines to fixing up old 7hp outboards was a good fit and has made money for the Maritime Centre."

For information on Tony's small engine repairs at the Maritime Centre click here.


Ion Barnes - President / Boat sales and Acquisitions 

Ion Barnes is from the third generation of a family of sailors, born and raised in Victoria BC. He was trained as a ship repair machinist for HMCS Dockyard and as a marine engineer with Fisheries and Oceans. He later became a stationary engineer and worked for Cowichan District Hospital for 29 years until he retired. He has been active in the Cowichan Power and Sail Squadron for the past fourteen years where he taught safe boating skills. He enjoys building or repairing most things and also has a love for photography, boating and cooking

Judy Barefoot - Director

I was born in Manitoba and grew up on the Prairies and spent my early working career in rural Alberta.
(family physician). I began sailing in 1979 after meeting my husband to be, Paul Hunt. We quit work,
bought a 40 foot ketch and sailed the Pacific Ocean for two and a half years. After moving to Victoria
in 1996, we joined the Bluewater Cruising Association and served in various positions on the Watch.
We also met friends with whom we continued to cruise off shore as crew, through Panama Canal,
across the Atlantic from Annapolis to Ireland, and sailed the Baltic Sea one summer. I was working part
time in Victoria up until 4 years ago so that left time to sail our BC coast on various boats, all sail until
about 2008 when we bought a 1949 wooden sedan cruiser and discovered the Cowichan Wooden Boat
Society when hauled for a survey. We joined and have volunteered for various activities since then. I
am also a member and volunteer for the Maritime Museum of BC. I obviously like boats and history
and agree totally with the goals of CWBS., as well as enjoying the company of the friendly and
welcoming people here. Woodworking is my hobby so that is another fit. I hope as a Director to be able
to use my years of boating experience to contribute to the ongoing success and advancement of the
goals of the Society.

George Karras – Director / HR / Boat Sales and Acquisitions

As professional seafarer and Master Mariner, I have a lifetime of experience with boats and ships.  I owned and operated commercial fishing vessels, skippered tugs on the BC coast and was captain of deep sea cargo ships around the world.  In the last 15 years I was fortunate to cap my seagoing career by working for Transport Canada Marine Safety. It was my opportunity to give back to the marine industry that I love by helping mariners advance in their careers and boat builders to comply with the regulations, and by promoting good seamanship, safety and protection of our waters. 

The one constant in my life has been my love for vessels of all types, their design and seaworthiness, no matter what type or size. I have been an amateur shipwright and have owned my present pleasure boat, the MV Falcon Rock, for 15 years during which I have kept her in good shape.  It is with this passion and knowledge that I hope to help the Cowichan Wooden Boat Society as a Director.

Carmel Nelson – Director / HR / Secretary

I grew up on the East Coast of Canada enjoying summers at my grand ­parents cottage on the Northumberland Strait. Always happiest being on or near the ocean, I went from one coast to the other. My husband Dave introduced me to boating on this coast and of course insisted I take the Power Squadron course, which I gladly did. Our adventures included boating trips to Hot Springs Cove, Bamfield area, Pedwell Harbour, Pedder Bay to mention a few. Some of our ocean adventures also included some week long kayak treks in the Bamfield area. Recently we've been fortunate enough to purchase our latest "project" from the Cowichan Wooden Boat Society. It needs a bit of TLC and power, which when ready, will no doubt give us many years of enjoyment.

I've been an active member of the Cowichan Valley Dragon Divas for the past 2 years and know how much our group appreciates being able to call the Cowichan Maritime Museum "home".

I look forward to helping out wherever and whenever I can as well as act as liaison between our 2 groups. I can appreciate that there are exciting times ahead with the Pier Reconstruction Project!

Lew Penny – Director / Treasurer / Pier Reconstruction

I grew up on the East Coast of Canada working wooden boats in the fishing industry, other work boats and enjoying recreational boating. During the recreational years owned a classic wooden sailboat for over 14 years cruising the beauty of the Gulf Islands and beyond. I recently sold this cherished possession.

After retirement in 1999, moving to Cowichan Bay gave me the opportunity to join the Cowichan Wooden Boat Society and have been an active member ever since. During those years I have held many positions on the Board of Directors, helping to fulfill the vision to build a community based maritime museum and small boat shop.

Glen Gratton - Director / Business Plan

My background was in the consumer food industry, initially with General Mills in Ontario and then in British Columbia where I was with a natural foods company and prior to retiring, ownership of a wholesale coffee roastery.

I grew up in the late 40’s and 50’s in a small Ontario village on the shores of Lake Huron where fishing was a significant part of the town’s economy. But today, some 60 years later, it is all gone. There is nothing left in place to remember a century of important local history.

In contrast, on my first visit a few years ago to the Cowichan Bay Maritime Centre, I was very impressed with what a good job was being done in preserving and presenting the local maritime history. Each subsequent visit, reinforces that first impression.

Although my experience in maritime issues is limited, I fully support the mandate of the Maritime Centre and am happy to help the ongoing efforts in whatever way I can.

 Bob Down - Director (Bio to come)

Ken Backer - Director

 My wife, Lin, and I moved to Cowichan Bay from Ontario just over a year and a half ago.  We are both retired folks. I joined the Cowichan Wooden Boat Society in the late summer of 2017 and began volunteering in various ways around the Centre, such as re-organizing the Centre’s maritime library.In my BC (before Cowichan) past life, my occupations have included airline aircraft mechanic and head of a company department. My interests include traditional folk music rooted in Appalachia, crabbing, fishing, and boating around, especially in “Wind”, my 100 year old lapstrake sailing dinghy (which the good folks at the Centre helped me rejuvenate.)  I am also an active member of the Baha’i Faith.

Gary Powe - Director

Born (1950) and raised in Ontario. 1970's to mid 1980's Television News Cameraman for CBC affiliate then cinematographer for small production company shooting documentaries and commercials. In the mid 1980's to 1999 I was based in Montreal. Contract hardware design of data communication interfaces for CDN, US and UK companies. From 1999 to 2014 mechanical and electrical design engineer based in Sunnyvale, California. 2014. I retired and moved to BC. Studied Physics and Electronics at UWO in London Ontario and Film Production Arts at UCLA, California. Hobbies through the early years were mostly motor-sport, Molyslip Canadian National endurance road circuit racing, Canadian Rally Series and a few early WRC events. I also took part in sailboat racing in Lake Huron.