People donate boats to the Cowichan Wooden Boat Society for a variety of reasons:

  • To receive a tax credit

  • To avoid the hassles of selling the boat

  • To avoid the ongoing cost of moorage

  • To avoid the time & cost involved in ongoing upkeep/repair of the vessel

What Boats are Suitable?

Sail or power, large or small, fiberglass, wood, or steel. “Project boats” are generally not financially viable. As a rule of thumb, a boat must be capable of being moved by sea or road transport and its value must substantially exceed the costs of delivery.

Do  you have a boat that you no longer can maintain or look after and want it to have a good home?

The Cowichan Wooden Boat Society is a non-profit organization that survives by donations to raise funds for operations, secure museum exhibits, and have working displays of restoration projects. Boat donations are a significant source of revenue for the Society.

Call or email to find out how easy it is to donate a boat 250.746.4955