The workshop is very well equipped. First, it has some large power tools:

  • SawStop table saw
  • several radial arm saws
  • planer jointer
  • several band saws
  • drill press

It also has numerous small power tools, workbenches, and vices, a good selection of hand tools and hundreds of clamps — a fifty-five foot wood mast was built in the shop last winter.

The workshop is restricted to members only, who must work under the direction and guidance of the facilities supervisor, especially in terms of safety equipment.

Members using the shop are not covered under Workers’ Compensation and agree to release and save harmless the Society, its employees, members or directors for any loss or damage through personal injury or otherwise and claims arising from any accident or sickness they may suffer while using the shop.

Shop rates

Rates are based upon the space and time required. For work on boats in the shop the rate is calculated at $12.00 per foot per month. However, the rate for “projects” – such as building new cabinets for a boat – is based on the facility supervisor's decision as to square footage and estimated time for the project.

Minor usage of the shop, e.g. 15 minutes on the drill press, or 30 minutes on the planer, will not be charged, but such incidental use of the shop and tools is subject to availability.

Shop work over 4 hours will be deemed a project.