One of our largest sources of revenue is selling boats that have been donated to us. Below are the boats that we currently have for sale, as well as some boats that are being sold by our members. If you are interested in donating a boat, click here


Traditional Lapstrake Dinghy - $3950

A chance of a lifetime...well almost! Surplus to our needs...from time to time we have more folks that want to build our traditional Lap-strake boat than we can fit in we put on a second course to accommodate these folk. Normally the boat that gets built in our course lead by shipwright Eric Sandilands  is used for our yearly raffle.

Now here is were it gets interesting...this is a traditional lap-strake clench nail, built with traditional Cedar and Oak with copper and bronze fastenings. This boat with a little care will be good for the next 100 years plus.

Sold at our cost only $3950 +tax. The cedar alone is is windfall first growth from Haida Gwaii @$2000. Oak and mahogany$1500 and the special copper and bronze fasteners about $500.


Sailing Vessel Te' - $9,900

The Te is a George Beuler design, 37 feet on deck, cutter rigged, plywood over fiberglass hull and topsides.  The hull and three quarter steel keel looks impeccable and inside there are no signs of water leaks at all.

She is equipped to the max.  Navigation, radio and radar.  Wind vane steering, solar panels and wind mill chargers.  10’ sailing dinghy, 6 sails, freezer and fridge and Airhead composting toilet.  Fully stocked with lines, anchors, spares and a complete record of history.  Rebuilt diesel with feathering propeller!

What stands out is the bronze fittings from stem to stern.  She was built in California and outfitted in Port Townsend.  The interior is roomy and light with knurled maple and teak trim.

stella maris v - reduced to $10,000

Stella Maris Sign Final-1.jpg

Classic MV Wooden Cruiser Dorthy Mae II - $24,000

1952 well maintained, west coast carvel design, yellow cedar, 34" cabin cruiser. Shower/holding tank in head, freezer/2 way cook top, gravity fed oven & heat source range in galley, 40 gallon water tank, 2 diesel fuel tank. Great for vacations or could also be used as a live aboard!


Chesapeake Kayak $700

  • Wood duck hybrid 12 foot

  • Weighs 32lbs


Clipper California - $600

A beautifully built scale model of the tall sail ship California. A fine example of the golden era ( 1840 -1870 ) of tea clippers that cross the oceans with cargos like silk and tea from China and also rounding Cape Horn bringing gold rush prospectors from the East Coast to California.

The model has intricate detail so that every aspect of the ship’s construction can be readily seen and enjoyed.

 61 long