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Book List

10,000 Leagues Under the Sea, William Albert Robinson
2000 Phantoms Under the Sea, Georges Houut and Pierre Willm
4 Winds of Adventure, Marcel Bardiaux
A Beginner’s Guide to the Sea, Frank Knight
A Book of Smugglers, Robert Carse
A Century of Sailing 1892-1992, Terry Reksten
A Creed for the Third Millennium, Colleen Mccullough
A Cruising Voyage Round the World, Capt. Woode S. Rogers
A High Wind in Jamaica, Richard Hughes
A History of American Sailing Ships, Howard Chapelle
A History of General Motors, Timothy Jacobs
A History of Seamanship
A Mariner’s History, Alexander Sager
A New Voyage around the World, William Dampier
A Night to Remember Walter Lord
A Panorama of Gaff Rig, John Leather & Rogers M Smith
A Pictorial History of Oceanographic Submersibles, James B. Sweeney
A Portfolio of Design Plans for Sailing, Samson Marine Design Ltd.
A Quayside Camera 1984-1917, Basil Greenhill
A Sailor of Napoleon John, Lesterman
A Scientist at the Seashore
A Tamp Abroad, Charles Neider
A Taste for Sailing, John Lewis
A Thirst for the Sea, Hugh and Robin Popham
A Voyage of Pleasure, John Barr Tompkins
A Walking Tour of Historic Roche Harbour
A Web of Salvage, Brian Callison
A Whale for the Killing, Farley Mowart
A White Boat from England, Alfred A. Knopf
A World of My Own, Robin Knox- Johnston
Abandon Ship, Hal butler
Above Us, the Waves, C.E.T. Warren and James Benson
Across the Latitudes, John Fleming Wilson
Admirals Adventures and Able Seaman, Harrison Brown
Advanced Sailing, Tony Gibbs
Adventures in Depth, William King
Adventures in Diving, PADI
Adventures of a Red Sea Smuggler, Henry de Monfried
Adventures of Hebe, John Latham
After 50,000 Miles, Hal Roth
Against the Tides, Carollyne tyler
Ahoy! There, Will Dawson
Airborne, William F. Buckley Jr.
Aku Aku, Thor Heyerdahl
Albert and the Lion, Marriot Edgar
Alone at Sea, Hannes Lindemann
Amateur Boat Building, Bruice Robert Gibson
Amateur Boat Building, Michael Verney
American Practical Navigation, Nathaniel Bowditch
American Sail, Alexander Laing
American Sailing Craft, Howard I. Chapelle
American Sailing Craft, Howard I. Chapelle (2)
An Artist’s Vision, Sue Coleman
An Introduction to Marine, Geology MJ Keen
An Introduction to Yachting, Francis Herreshoff
An L. Francis Hereshoff Reader, L. Francis Hereshoff
Ancient Voyagers in Polynesia, Andrew Sharp
And a Right Good Crew, Emily Kimbrough
Antiques Afloat, Peter Vassilopoulos
Aquatics Hand Book 2nd Edition
Around the World in the Yacht Sunbeam, Thomas Braasey
Around the World in Wanderer III, Eric C. Hiscock (2)
Artist on His Island, Randolf W. Johnson
At One With the Sea, Naomi James (2)
Atlantic Schooners, Rear Admiral & H.F. Pullen
Atlantic Cruise in Wanderer III, Eric C. Hiscok
Atlantis Found, Clive Cussler
Away all Boats, Kenneth Dodson (2)
Baidarka, George Dyson
Band Saw Projects, Tom Crabb
Basic Plumbing Illustrated
BC Commercial Fishing History, Joseph and Ann Forester
Beast, Peter Benchly
Because the Horn is There, Miles Smeeton
Beery’s Basic Sailing
Behind the Dolphin Smile, Richard O’Barry
Best Boats to Build or Buy, Ferenc Mate
Best Smuggling Stories, John Welcome (ed.)
Between Two Shores, Donald Bray
Between Wind and Water, Gerald Warner Bruce
Beyond the West Horizon, Eric C. Hiscock
Black Saturday, Alexander McKee
Blood from a Stone, Donna Leon
Blue Meridean, Peter Matthiessen
Blue Water, Arthur Struges Hildebrnd
Blue Water Coaster, Francis E. Bowker
Blue Water, Bob Griffith
Bluenose, Brian and Phil Backman
Boats you can Build, Popular Mechanics
Boat Builders Hand Book #554
Boat Builders Hand Book #574
Boat Builders Manual, Charles Walbridge
Boat Building Annual, 1964 Edition
Boat Building Down East, Royal Lowell
Boat Building in your Own Back Yard, S.S. Rabl
Boat Building Manual, Robert M. Steward
Boat Building on a Glass Fibre, Hull Dave Gannaway
Boat Building with Hartley 8th edition
Boat Building with Plywood, Glen L. Witt
Boat Building, Howard I. Chapelle
Boat Carpentry, Harvey Garrett Smith
Boat Handling, Time Life Boats
Boat Handling Under Power, John Mellor
Boat Keeper, Bernard Gladstone & Tom Bottom Key
Boat Maintenance Afloat and Ashore, Charles F. Chapman
Boat Repairs and Conversions, Michael Verney
Boating & Record
Boating In Canada, Garth Griffiths
Boats and Boatsmen of Pakistan, Basil Greenhill
Boats Rafts Ships, Wolfgang Rudolph
Boats Today 151 Boat Design
Book of Boat Design, Glen Farley (2)
Book of the Seven Seas, Peter Freuchens (2)
Bread upon the Waters, Irwin Shaw
Bristol: A Gateway of an Empire, C.M. Macinnes
Britain’s Glorious Navy, Admiral Sir Reginald H. S. Bacon (ed.) et al.
Britannia: Rowing Alone Across the Atlantic, John Fairfax
British Columbia and Canada 1866-1966,1867-1967
British Columbia Coast Names, Capt. John T. Walbran
British Columbia Pilot Vol I (2)
British Columbia Pilot Vol II
Bucktails and Hoochies, Bruce Colegrave and Jack Gaunt
Build a Boat for Pleasure or Profit
Build for Less, Bruce Roberts International
Building Construction Materials and Methods, HG Miller
Building Plans for 43 Small Boats
Building Plastic Small Craft, John Gardner
Building the Crosby Catboat, Barry Thomas
Building the Double Ended Hard Chine Wood Ocean Cruising Sail Boat, George Buehler
Burtons Nautical Tables
By Gemini, Ann Davison
By the Wind, Richard Baum
By Way of the Golden Isles, Anthony Rushworth-Lund
Cadboro, A Ship, A Bay, A Seamonster, Ursula Jupp
Calming Sense of Yacht Design, Francess Herreshoff
Canadian Life Saving Manual
Canadian Sailboat Sourcebook Sailing Canada
Canoe Craft, Ted Moores and Maralyn Mohr
Cape Horn to Port, Erroll Bruce
Cape Horn, the Logical Route, Bernard Moitessier
Capt. Joshua Slocum, Victor Slocum
Capt. Nat Herreshoff, C. Francis Herreshoff
Captain of the Discovery, Roderick Haig-Brown
Captain Rebel, Frank Yerby
Caribbean Cruise, Kate and Richard Bertrab
Carpentry and Building Construction, John L. Feirer
Catboats, Stan Grayson
Challenge, George Foy
Children of the Light, Everett S. Allen
Children of Three Oceans, David Lewis
Choice Yacht Designs, Richard Henderson
Christmas at Sea Killbwgat
Classic Yacht Interiors, Jill Bobrow and Dana Jinkins
Cleopatra’s Barge, David L. Feruson
Cloud of Islands, W.I.B. Crealock
Coast Wise and Off Shore Cruising Wrinkles, Tomas E. Cloven
Coastal Cruising, Will Dawson
Cold Molding a Small Boat, David Lefevre
Colin Mudie Power Boats, Hamlyn
Come Aboard, Eric C. Hiscock
Command at King’s Ship, Alexander Kent
Company of Adventures, Peter C. Newman
Complete Book of Pleasure Boat Engine, Ernest A Zadig
Concorde –the Story of the World’s Most Advanced Passenger Air Craft
Count Luckner the Sea Devil, Lowell Thomas
Creative Woodturning, Dale L. Nish
Crewing for Offshore Racing, Howard Williams
Cruise of the Joan, W.E. Sinclair
Cruise of the U.S. Revenue Steamer Corwin
Cruise Ships, Garry Bannerman (2)
Cruise to a Cruel Shore, Henri Bourdens
Cruising Beyond Desolation Sound, John Chapell
Cruising Boats Sail and Power, JR Benford
Cruising Design Boards of Benford Design
Cruising Design, Tomas Cloven
Cruising Design, JR Benford
Cruising Designs Board of Tomas C Gillmer
Cruising Designs, Edward S Brewer(2)
Cruising Designs Board of Winthrop, L Warner
Cruising Guide for the Hawaiian Islands, Arlo W. Fast
Cruising Guide to the Florida Keys
Cruising Hints, Francis B. Cooke
Cruising Speed, William F. Buckley Jr.
Cruising the Pacific Coast, Acupulco to Skagway, Caroyne and Jack West
Cruising the Pacific Coast, Mexico to Alaska, Caroyne and Jack West
Cruising Under Power, Kathy Barke
Cruising Under Sail, Eric. C. Hiscock
Cruising Worlds, Bruce Bingham
Cruising Yachts, T. Harrison Butler
Cruising, Peter Heaton
Custom Boat Building, R Bruce Robert Goodson
Customizing Your Boat, Goodson Elan Nidosin
Damn the Garbage, Full Speed Ahead, Capt. Moss Bunker
Daughters of the Wind, David Lewis
Deep Sea Stories, Ursula Jupp
Deep Water, Ancient Ships, Willard Bascom
Delta, Bob E. Walters
Descriptive Physical Oceanography, GL Pickard
Design Catalog, Devlin Designing
Design Catalog
Design for Fast Sailing, Edmond Bruce
Design of Sailing Yachts, Hairy Morss
Designers Notebook, Ian Nicolson (3)
Designs for 363 Boats your can Build
Destination, Cortez Island, June Cameron
Die Schebecke, Wolfram Mondfeld
Different Boats, Phillip C Bolger
Dinghy Sailing, Ken Duxbury
Dingy Building, Richard Creagh- Osborn
Disaster Log of Ships, Jim Gibbs
Discovery and Exploration Secrets of the Sea
Diver Below!, Frey and Frey
Diving for Fun, Jo Strykowski
Diving for Science, Edward H. Shenton
Diving for Sunken Treasure, Jaques-Yves Cousteau
Dove Robin, Lee Graham
Down Below, Matthew Walker
Down the Hatch, Eric Devine
Drakes Voyage, Kenneth R. Andrew
Dressing Ship, Janet Groene
Dual Allegiance, Ben Dunklmen
Dust on the Sea, Edward L. Beau
Early Maritime Artists of the Pacific Northwest Coat 1714-1814, John Frazier Henry
East of Malta West of Suez
Easthope Marine Engines
Easthope Marine Engines Reliable Economical
Eastward, A Marine Cruise in a Friendship, Rogers F. Duncan
Echoes of the Whistle, Garald Rushton
Ed Monk and the Tradition of Classic Boats, Bet Oliver
Electronic Navigation, Colin Jones
Endurance, Alfred Lansing
Enduring Friendships, Friendship Sleep Society
Enemy in Sight, Alexander Kent
Enjoying Cruising Under Sail, Don Bamford
Ensign Prentie’s Narrative, G.G. Campbell
Erie Canal, Enid Lamote Meadowcroft
Eternal Waves, John Scott hughes
Every Man for Himself, Beryl Bainbride
Every Man His Own, Shipwright James I. Bell
Explorations, Robert D. Ballard
Fatigue Aspects of Wood/ Epoxy Composites B-15, Meade A. Gougeon
Fatu-Hiva, Thor Heyerdahl
Fiber Glass Boats, John Roberts
Fine Woodworking Techniques, Fine Wood Working Magazine
Fine yacht Finishes, Paul and Marya Butler
Firespill, Ian Slater
First Approaches to the North West Coast Gods Little Ships, Derek Pethick and Michael Hadley
First Boat Navigation, Dag Pike
First You Have to Row a Little Boat, Richard Bode
Fish and Shellfish, Antonio and Priascilla Carluccio
Fish and Wild Life The Recreational Resource, Government of British Columbia
Fish Men Fear …Shark, Jerry Greenberg
Fisheries of the North Pacific, Robert J. Browning
Fishing Boats of the World, Jan O’Lof Traung
Fishing Made Easy, Arthur L. Cone Jr.
Fishing, Henry Beard and Ray Mckie
Five Hundred Sailing Records of American built Ships, Carl C. Cutler
Floating Homes, Ted Laturnus
Flotman, Jetman, and Lagan Capt., Ernie Hall
Foam Sandwich Boat Building, Peter Wynn
Forest ranger, Ahoy! Michael Coney
From a Bare Hull Mate
From Cordwood to Campus in Gordon Head, Ursula Jupp
From My Old Boat Shop, Weston Farmer
From Sandwich Boat Building, Peter Wynn
From the Wheel House Tug Boaters Tell their Own Stories, Doreen Armitage
Frontiers of the Sea, Robert C. Cowen
Full Line, Full Away, James E. “Ted” Wilson
Full Sail, C. Fox Smith
Gaff Rig, John Leather
Gaff Sail, Robert Simper
Getting Started in Power Boating, Bob Armstrong
Glass Fiber Auto Body Construction Simplified
Go South Inside, Carl D. Lane
Good Boats, Roger C. Taylor
Good Cruising, Zora & David Aiken
Good Wooden Boat from Maine
Great Adventures with National Geographic, National Geographic
Great Battlefields, Oliver Warner
Great Stories of the Sea and the Ships, N.C. Wyeth (Ed.)
Great Voyages of Discovery, Jacques Brosse
Great Yacht Races, Bob Fisher
Guide to Corals and Fishes, Idaz Greenberg
Guide to Watching Whales in Canada, Mimi Brenton
Gunboat Frontier, Barry M. Gough
Gypsy Moth Circles the World, Francis Christopher
Gypsy Waters, Don Waters
H.M.S. Rodney, C.R. Benstead
Haida Gwaii, Ian Gill
Hail Columbia, Dana Story
Half Safe, Ben Carlin
Hand Reef and Steer – A Practical Handbook on Sailing, Richard Henderson
Hartleys Faro-Cement Boat Building, R.T. Hartley and AJ Reed
Harvest of Salmon
Heard at the Helm, Robert Anderson
Heaven, Hell, and Salt Water, Bill and Phyllis Crowe
Heavy Weather Sailing, Adlard Coles
High Latitude Crossing, Peter Haward
Hobie 18 Assembly Manual
Hokule’a the way to Tahiti, Benn R. Finney
Holidays in Boats, F.H. Snoxell
Home Part: Victoria, Ursula Jupp (2)
How to Build Gulf Weed, John G Hanna
How to Build 20 Boats, Boris Leoardi
How to Build 20 Boats, W.H. Fawcett
How to Build a Row Boat, Edson B Schock
How to Build Design Planning Hulls
How to Build Sail Boards, Hans Fichther and Michel Garf
How to Build Tahiti, John G Hanna
How to Catch Bottom Fish, Charles White
How to Catch Salmon, Charles White
How to Catch Steel Head, Alic Merriman
How to Catch Trout, Lee Straight
How to Fiber Glass Boats
How to Repair Diesel Engines, Paul Dempsey
How to Start and Operate a Mail - Order Business, Julian Simon
Humping my Bluey, Graham McInnes
Hydrospace, Martin Caiden
I Ran Away to Sea at Fifty, Mary Sheridan Fahnestock
Ice Bird, David Lewis
Ice with Everything, H.W. Tilman (2)
Immortal Sails, Henry Hughes (2)
In Harm’s Way, Doug Stanton
In the Teeth of the Northeaster, Marlin Bree
In the Wake of the Spay Slack, Jay R. Benford
Incidents of a Whaling Voyage, Tristan Jones
Industrial Education
Inflatable Boats, Jim Trefethen
Inland Waterway, Allan C. Fisher
Innocent Aboard, Chay and Maureen Blyth
Instructions for the Care and Operations of Vivian Diesel Engines
Instructions Johnson Sea Horse for Models Hs, HD- N/S
Into the Wild, Jon Krakauer
Into Thin Air, Jon Krakauer
Introduction to Bait Fishing, Ray Ovington
Introductions for the Operation of Vivian Diesel Engines
Introductory Dynamic Oceanography, Stephen Pond and George Pickard
Isabel and the Sea, George Miller
Jack Shack, Jack Crosson
James Cook Opening of the Pacific, Basil Greenhill
Janes Naval Review, Captain John Moore
Joshua Slocum, Walter Teller
Jottings from a Cruise, Captain Alfred J. Green
Journal Edenezer Johnson
Journey with Caravel, Fred Carlisle
Journey’s Through the Inside Passage, Joe Upton
Keepers of the Light, Donald Graham
Killer Whale, Paul Jeune
Know your Fish Sports Afield
La Balsa, Vital Alsar
Lake Tahoe
Last Stronghold of Sail, Harvey Benham
Last Voyage of the Unicorn, Delbert A. young
Leregne Du Paquebot La Grande Adventure De La Mer
Let the Best Boat Win, Constantine Buel Burnett
Let the Sea Make a Noise, Walter A. McDougall
Life Boat Design and Development, Eric C. Fray
Life in the Sea, James Johnstone
Lights of the Inside Passage, Donald Graham
Lilly on Dolphins, John C. Lilly
Lis Sails the Atkantic, Lis Anderson
Little Ships & Shoal Waters, Maurice Griffiths
Lofting, Allan H. Vaitses
Log of the Huia, Clifford W. Hawkins
Log of the Mahina, John Neal
Lonely Voyagers, Jean Merrien
Looking for Grace, Robert Cushman Murphy
Lord Jim, Joseph Conrad (2)
Love for Sail, Mark Hassal and Jim Brown
Lovely She Goes, William Mitford
Lower Class, George Youell
Lucky Guy, Tom Didmon
Luxton’s Pacific Crossing, Norman Kenny Luxton
Mac and the Princess, Bruce Calhoun
Magellan, Ian Cameron
Magic Islands, David Richardson
Make your Own Sails, R. M. Bowker
Man-of-War, Charles Nordhoff
Manual of Seamanship
Manual of Seamanship Vol II, Authority of Lords Commissioners of Admiralty
Marine Chartwork, D.A. Moore
Marine Diesel Engines, Nigel Calder
Marine Electronics, Gordon West and Freeman Pitman
Marine Mammals, Delphine Haley
Marine Mammals of Greater Puget Sound, Richard Osborne et al.
Mars Underground, William K. Hartmann
Master Mariners
Masters of Sail, Stanley T. Spicer
Matthew Fontaine Maury, Scientist
Mechanical Drawing
Mechanix Illustrated
Men Ships and the Sea, National Geographic Society
Merchant Ships 1910-29, Laurence Dunn
Metal Corrosion in Boats, Nigel Warren
Minerva Reef, Olaf Ruhen
Mission to Nookta, Charles Lillard
Mist on the River, Hubert Evan
Modern ABC’s of Fresh Water Fishing, John Crowe
Modern Boat Building, Edwin Monk
Modern Boat Building Materials and Methods, Steve Sleight
Modern Wooden Yacht Construction, John Guzzwel (2)
More Building Classic Small Craft, John Gardener
More Good Boats
More Recollections of an Ole Salt, Lorne Johnston
Motor Sailors, Dag Pike
Mr. Christian! Stanley Miller
Multihull Sailboats, Edward F Cotter
Multihull Steamships, Michael McMullen
Multihull’s Offshore, Rob James
Muskoka’s Classic Launches Wood & Glory, William M Gray and Timothy C. Du Vernet
Mutiny on the Bounty
My Lively Lady, Alec Rose
My Men in a Boat, Renee Gosset
My Mystery Ships, Gordon Campbelle
Mysterious Sea Stories, William Patrick (Ed.)
National Schools Practical Diesel Training
Naval Architecture, Brian Baxter
Naval Regulations 1802
Navies in Exile, A.D. Devine
Navigation and Piloting, Elbert Maloney
Navigation, A.C. Gardner
Never Fly Over an Eagle’s Nest, Joe Gardner
Night Sailing, SF Whitaker
Nine Boats and Nine Kids, Jeanne St. Andre Merkel
No Time on Our Side, Roger Chapman
North America from the Earliest Discoveries to the First Settlements the Norse Voyages 1912, David B. Quinn
North Atlantic Seaway, N.R.P. Seaway
North to Baffin Land, John T Rowland
Northwest Passage, William D. Smith
Northwest Passages, Bruce Calhoun
Notched – Beam Test doe Creep Rapture Evolution of Epoxy Resins, Gougeon Brothers
O Time in Your Flight, Hubert Evans
Oars Across the Pacific, John Fairfax and Sylvia Cook
Oceanic Mythology, Rosilyn Poignant
Oceanography, Warren E. Yasso
Oceanography a View of the Earth, Mgrant Gross
Odyssey, John Cameron
Of the Sea Francis, Leigh Williams
Of Whales and Men, R. B. Robertson
Of Yachts and Men, William Atkin
Offshore Cruising Handbook, John Neal & Babara Marrett
Offshore Sailing School, Steve Colgate
Oil Under the Ice, Douglas Pimlott et al.
Old Marine Electronics, Stan Grayson
On Almost Any Wind, Susan Schkee
On the Beach, Nevil Schute
On the Wind of a Dream Commander, Victor Clark
Open Water, PADI
Open Water Diver Manual, PADI
Orphans of the Sea, Ken Jones
Outerbridge Reach, Robert Stone
Overboard, Hank Searis
Pacific Coastal Liners, Gordon Newell and Joe Williamson
Pacific Fishes of Canada
Pacific Square – Riggers, Jim Gibbs
Pacific Tugboats, Gordon Newell and Jue Williamson
Pacific Voyages, James Stirrat Marshall and Carrie Marshall
Paddlewheels on the Frontier Vol 2
PADI Fiver Manual, PADI
Parts Around the World, Yehudn Karman
Pass the Bottle, Erin Newsom
Passing Judgment, Keith Ferrel
People in Boats, Charles E Jones
Pete Cullen’s Boat, John Burke
Photography for the Joy of It, Freeman Paterson
Photography of Natural Things, Freeman Paterson
Pick up Sticks a History of the Intercostals Limber Trade, Richard M. Hallock
Piloting, Seamanship and Small Boat Handling, Charles F. Chapman
Pocket Cruisers and Tabloid Yachts Vol. 1, Benford Group
Polynesian Concept, Buddy Ebsen
Polynesian Seafaring, Edward Dodd
Popular Mechanics Popular Mechanics
Portsmouth Point, C.N. Parkinson
Power Yachts, Rosemary and Colin Mudie
Practical Sailing, Joe Richards
Practical Small Boat Designs, John Atkins
Practical Yacht Joinery, Fred P. Bingham (2)
Practical Yacht Racing, Eyvin Schoittz
Preventative Maintenance of Electrical Equipment, Charles Hubert
Primer of Navigation Fourth Edition, George W. Mixter
Princess, Joe Richards
Prints and Pictures of Ships and Sea Preston’s Marine Prints
Professional Design for Armature Boat Builders Vol. 40
Project Cheers, Tom Follett et al.
Propellers for Auxilary Sailboats, John R. Stanton
Puffin Cove, Neil G. Carey
Questions and Answers on the Marine Diesel Engine, John Lamb
Racing Cars, Peter Roberts
Racing Sailormen, F.S. cooper
Racing the Seas, Ahto Walter and Tom Olsen
Racing Through Paradise, William F. Buckley Jr.
Racundra’s First Cruise, Arthur Ransom
Rainbow Warrior, The Sunday Times Insight Team
Raincoast Cronicles, White
Rajac, Stanley Spain
Reflections on Yachts, D. Phillips-Brit
Regal Marine Engines Catalog
Reliable Steam Engines Catalog Hand Book Reliable Steam Engine Co.
Rigging Small Sail Boats, Ken Ha
Royal Navy Handbook of Parade and Rifle Drill Royal Navy
Royce’s Sailing Illustrated Course
Rudder Design A.Y.R.S.
Rumrunner, Marion Parker and Robert Tyrrell
Run Silent, Run Deep, Edward L. Beach
Rushton and His Time in American Canoeing, Atwood Manley
Safeguarding the Health of Oceans, Anne Platt McGuinn
Safety and Survival at Sea E.C.B., Lee and Kenneth Lee
Saga of a Wayward Sailor, Tristan Jones
Saga of Direction, Charles H. Vilas
Sail Boat and Sailing Journal
Sail Boat Engines Inboard and Out Board, Conrad Miller
Sail Boat Hull and Deck Repair, Don Casey
Sail Boating Mechanix Illustrated
Sail Making, Drake
Sail Power, Wallace Ross
Sailboat Electronics Simplified, Don Casey
Sailing, Bamfield and Palmer
Sailing, Edward Heath
Sailing Alone Around the World, Joshua Slocum
Sailing Alone Around the World, Captain Joshua Slocum
Sailing Away From Winter Silver, Donald Cameron
Sailing Craft, Edwin J Schoettle
Sailing Craft, Edwin J. Slocum
Sailing Designs Vol. 4 Design Reviews of Robert H. Perry
Sailing Drifters Edgar, J March
Sailing Eagle, Alan Villiers
Sailing Handling and Craft, John Fisher
Sailing Hydrofoils, Amateur Yacht Research Society
Sailing on a Micro Budget, Larry Brown
Sailing Ships of the Maritime, Charles A. Armeur & Thomas Lackey
Sailing Solo to America, Frank Page
Sailing Technique, H.A. Calahan
Sailing to Freedom, Voldmar and Carl BWall
Sailing to the Reefs, Bernard Moitessier
Sailing Trawlers, Edgar J. March
Sailing with Mr. Belloc Dermond MacCarthy
Sailing Yacht Design, Douglas Phillips –Britt
Sailing Yacht Design, Douglas Phillips –Brit
Sailing Yachts, Allard Coles and D. Phillips-Brit
Sailing Years, K Adlard Coles
Sailing: A Sailor’s Dictionary, Henry Beard and Roy Mckie (2)
Sailor of the Sea “Sinbad”, Red Saunders
Sailor Town Days, C. Fox. Smith
Sailors and Sauerkraut, Barbara Burkhardt et al.
Sailors Sailors, Paul Hamlyn
Sails of the Maritime, John P Parker(2)
Salt Water, Fresh Water, Alan Anderson
San Francisco Bay, Kimble
Saved! William Hoffer (2)
Science and Mechanics Mag
Scottish Sail a Forgotten Era, Robert Simpel
Scow Schooners of San Francisco Bay, Roger M. Ol Stead
Scrimshaw and Mystic Seaport, Charles w. Morgan
Scuba Diving, How to Get Started Koelzer
Sea Navigation, E.S. Gates
Sea Quest DSV The Novel, Diane Duane and Peter Morward
Sea Quest, Charles A. Borden (3)
Sea Rogues Gallery, Gordon Newell (2)
Sea Sense, Richard Henderson (2)
Sea, Sail, and Ship Wreck, Robet T. Burgess
Seabirds, Peter Harrison
Seal Wars, Janice Scott Henke
Seamanship, Editors of Time Life Books
Seamanship Below Deck, Ruth Brindze
Searchers at the Gulf, Franklin Ruseell
Seawitch, Alistair MacLean
Self Steering A.Y.R.S, Benjamin Sewell Douglass Egan
Self Steering for Sailing Craft, John S Letcher JR
Sensible Cruising Designs, L. Francis Herreshoff
Sentries of the Sea, John J. Floherty
Seraffyns Mediterranean Adventure, Lin and Larry Pardey
Seven - Knot Summers, Beth Hill
Shadow Divers, Robert Krusen
Shadow of Sails, John Anderson
Shadow of Sun, Neil Campbell
Sharpening Small Tools, Ian Bradley
Ship Construction For Marine Students, Tomas Reed
Ship of the Inland Sea, Gordon R. Newell
Ships and Fleets of the Ancient Mediterranean, Jean Rouges
Ships and the British Oak, A.J. Holland
Ships and the Seaway, Dent
Shipyards of British Columbia, G.W. Taylor
Sidney North Sannich Cook Book, Sidney North Sannich Yacht Club
Sir Walter Ralegh, John Winton
Sir Walter Ralegh 1554-1618
Skiffs and Schooners, R.D. Culler
Slave Mutiny, William A. Owens
Sleepwalking Through History, Haynes Johnson
SLR Tips and Techniques
Small Boat Building, Dave Gannaway
Small Boat Building, H.W. Patterson
Small Boat Sailing, Sports Illustrated
Small Boats, Philip C. Bolger
Small Craft Advisory, Louis D. Rubin Jr.
Small Craft Plans Designs from the Boards of the Benford Design Group
Small Fishing Vessel Safety Manual Canadian Government
Small Ships, Benford Design
Small Ships, Second Edition, Benford Design
Sole Survivor Ruthanne, Lum McCunn
Song of the Sirens, Ernest K. Gann (2)
Sou’West Wanderer IV, Eric Hiscock (2)
South Sea Tales, Jack London
Spillsburry’s Album, Jim Spillsburry
Spilsbury Coast, Howard White and Jim Spilsbury
Sports Afloat, Time Life Library of Boating
SS Beacer: The ship that Saved the West Derek Pethick
Stability and Buoyancy Notes
Stalking the Blue Eyed Scallops, Evill Gibbons
Stamps and Ships, James Watson
Star Maps, Dominion Astrophysical Observatory
Start’em Sailing! 2nd Edition Gordon, C. Aymar
Starting a Marine Aquarium
Steam and Sail in Britain and North America, Rear Admiral P.W. Brock and Basil Greenhill
Steam at Sea, K. T. Rowland
Steamboat Gothic, Francis Parkinson Keys
Steamers Wake, Jim Faber
Stern Wheelers and Steam Tugs, Roberts Turner
Sternwheelers and Side-wheelers, Dr. Peter Charlebois
Still in the Same Boat, Fiona McCall and Paul Howard
Still in the Same Steamboat, Fiona McCall and Paul Howard
Still More Good Boats
Stirring Deads of Britain’s Naval Might, Frank H. Shaw
Stories Of Hawaii, Jack London
Storm Sailing, Gary Jobson
Stornoway East and West, Marjorie Peterson
Submarine Dead Ahead, Kim Goldberg
Submarine Hunter/Killers and Boomers
Submarine, Simon Lake
Submarine! Commander Edward L. Beach
Submarines! Carey Miller
Sunrise to Windward, Miles Smeton
Sunshine Coast, Bill Wolfortan
Supercarrier, George C. Wilson
Surface, Alexander Fullerton
Surveying Small Craft, Ian Nicolson
Survive the Savage Sea, Doug Robertson (3)
Swiftsure the First 50 Years 1930-1980, Humphrey Golby and Shirley Hewett
Swiftsure the First Fifty years
Taikai Kuno Knobl
Tails from the Hidden Basin, Dick Hammond
Tall Ships on Puget Sound, Robert A Weinstein
Tall Ships Sail the Pacific, Government of BC
Tall Ships to Cathy, Helen Augur
TaraTai, James Siere
Temptress Returns, Edward Allcard
Ten Ton Travel, E.E. Knott Bower
The 1994 What Colour is Your Parachute
The ABC’s of Small boat Sailing, Alice and Lincoln Clark
The American Submarine Polmar
The Anointed Clyde, Bryon Davis
The Art of Coarse Sailing, Michael Green
The Atlantic Liners, Emmons
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