BC SUPERCARGOES PAVILION (at the end of the Pier)

The building at the end of our pier is the BC Supercargoes Pavilion. It was given this name upon the reopening of our pier and pods in April 2014 after some major repairs were needed to replace old roofs and rotten wood. The BC Supercargoes Association made a sizeable donation to the project and, as such, the society was pleased to acknowledge their generous gift with the renaming of the Pavilion.

A supercargo is a role on a freight ship.  They may advise on any special handling and stowage requirements of a particular cargo; confirm methods, manning and gear requirements with Stevedores; and  prepare the pre-stow plan, update it as changes occur, and present a final stowage plan and hatch lists when the vessel sails. One of our board members, Bob Weinberg, was a supercargo working on the West Coast of North America for many years. He kept a teacup and saucer from each ship he worked on as a souvenir, as different shipping companies have their own distinctive chinaware patterns. The pavilion houses the teacups from his collection.

On the other side of the room are model fishing boats made by Harvey George. In the centre of the room are three wonderful examples of small wooden boats; a Peterborough, a very popular lake boat in the 1950’s and 1960’s, the Wednesday Knight, another beautiful 1950’s lake boat, and a restored 10’ Herreshoff lapstrake tender.