Donating your boat is a simple and worry free experience. We take care of the details — arrange a third-party appraisal of the value of your boat and issue a tax receipt for that amount. For your personal tax benefit contact an accountant or check with Revenue Canada for details.

We are a Canadian registered charity. We will accept boats of any size or type, i.e. sail, motor, fishing, rowing of wood or wood composite. Project boats are generally not financially viable but may be considered when of historical significance for museum display.


The Cowichan Wooden Boat Society's mandate is to preserve and display wooden boats that are of historical significance to our area or are of classic design. If your boat fits this profile it could be either restored in our shipyard or is matched and sold often to members of our Society interested in restoring a boat to its former glory.
Proceed of sales support our programs.
Receive a tax receipt.
Avoid the hassles of selling your boat.
Not having to use the services of a costly boat broker.
Not having to pay moorage and insurance costs.
Avoid the ongoing yearly maintenance costs.


Your boat must be free and clear of all liens and encumbrances. Contact us and we will discuss the possibilities for your boat and come up with a plan for the future of your boat. We will visit your boat; meet with you to make the transfer worry free. We will organize a third party, qualified ship surveyor (at our cost) to determine the market value of your boat. This will determine the dollar value of the tax receipt. This step can be eliminated if you have a recent survey. Upon receipt of the survey; a transfer of ownership will be completed, a tax receipt issued. We arrange transportation to our docks, at our cost.


When a boat is donated to our society the final transfer of ownership is unconditional. Most are sold to generate revenue for our excellent programs. Others, after minor restoration, can become public display allowing others to enjoy their beauty. Some may be commissioned by the new owner for full restoration, providing valuable training in boat building and maintenance for volunteers and members.


Please use this donation form.